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Founded in 1908 by John Cavanagh, the Dobbs Fifth Avenue, NY brand carries the name of its original designer, H. Dewitt Dobbs, the manager of Cavanagh's Dunlap store. In 1928 the company became Cavanagh-Dobbs and then in 1932 after merging with Knox and Dunlap became Hat Corporation Of America, located in Norwalk, CT.

The Dobbs Hats Brand is alive and well today. Made in Garland, Texas Dobbs hats are made and distributed by Hat-Co. The makers still use the same quality materials and processed that helped to make Dobbs a house hold name and in many families a tradition. Dobbs hats come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Everything from fedoras to ivy caps are made from the highest quality materials. Every care is taken to insure that quality shows inside and out.

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