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Founded in 1866 by John B. Stetson, with only $100 and a dream, Stetson Hats grew into the most legendary and recognizable brand of men's hats. The company that made the “Hat of the West” thrives today as the Stetson Factory in Garland, TX. During a 130 year period, Stetson Hats rose out of the west to become the most known hats in the world.

The quality that goes into every hat produced by Stetson is what sets the bar for the rest of the industry, you see when it comes to quality it was John Stetsons creed. Using only the finest materials, techniques, and craftsmen Stetson produces everything from Cowboy hats to Ivy caps. Many of the spring and summer designs are made from fine panama straw and hand woven by master craftsmen. Stetson is a standard in the hat industry, a part of American history, and we know you will be satisfied with every Stetson hat for years to come.

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