In addition to our everyday service and selection of hats and cap, Levine's can do some custom hat work as well!  So, what do you need?

A special sew-on hat band to match an outfit?  No problem.  In addition to our custom-made dupioni silk hook-on hat bands, we also have a large array of ribbons in different colors and widths to match even very exotic colors.

These ribbons are sewn on using a special hat tacking machine and will have a proper ribbon bow on the side as well!  Call us to inquire about finding a match.

A ribbon binding to match your band or improve your hat's "snap"?  Easy.  We have the specialty sewing machine necessary for adding a ribbon binding to create a "bound edge" along the brim of your hats.  We also have an array of colors and widths of ribbons for this very purpose.

If you've lost the "snap" in your brim, a binding may help your brim to snap bettter.  Call and inquire about hat binding.

New Sweat Band or Lining?  Piece of cake.  Sweat bands are no problem for our resident hat tailor, an expert with over 10 years of hat experience sewing sweat bands by hand and by machine.  Our specialty sewing machine for this job is oiled and ready, and we can put a quality new leather sweat band in and send it right back to you.  New linings are a great way to keep your hat fresh and give it some new life.

Brim cut down?  You guessed it.  We have a custom-made brim cutting machine for this very purpose in our workshop in the back.  It only gets used once every few days, but it'll be glad to spin up and cut your brim to whatever width you choose.  Please keep in mind, brim cutting is absolutely permanent and may also require a binding afterwards to protect the "snap" of your hat (and on straw hats it keeps the edge from fraying).

We do other work (as a hat store should), but I only listed a few items here.  For any of these requests and others, call the store at 1-800-875-1HAT and we will get you a quote!

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