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Silk Hat Bands at Levine Hats

Levine's carries a generous selection of hat bands for changing the look of your hat. The bands featured on this page are made of fine silk, and are pleated hat bands, bias-cut for proper look and lay.

Every few years, Levine's invests about $100,000 in silk hat bands

Due to the way these hat bands are made, we must buy large amounts of silk fabric and have large batches made all at once. This scale eliminates waste and keeps the cost down for our customers.

Hat Band Placement and Removal

These silk hat bands have hooks on each end, so that they are easy to place and remove from your hats. Simply start with the square hook, wrap around the hat and pull taut, and hold by inserting the other hook.

Silk Hat Band Properties

Our Hat bands are cut on the bias so they "lay" on your hat just as you'd expect, creating a clean look with no space in between the band and the hat. Fine silk is not prone to wrinkling or tearing, but light colored hat bands may need to be replaced every few years, due to dust, sweat and dirt accumulation.