Bailey of Hollywood Hats at Levine Hat Company

The Bailey of Hollywood collection of hats surprises each and every season. Bailey Hats' storied history of bold choices and fashionable designs will surprise and delight you!  Whatever styles catch your eye, you can be sure to find them at Levine's at the best price.

Bailey Braid Straw Fedoras

In the spring and summer, Bailey of Hollywood features a variety of Braid Straw Fedora Hats such as Poly braid straws in short and medium brims.  These are often very hip hats, with stingy or small brim sizes and are sometimes featured in bright colors.  Be sure to check out the flat crown styles and the colorful patterns, as both are in style the past few seasons.

Winter Bailey Felt Hats and LiteFelts

During the winter months, Bailey Hats features a few dozen styles in LiteFelt and Fur Felt Hats.  LiteFelt is their #1 go-to material, and is made of wool that has been specially treated to be water-resistant and soft.  Bailey makes fedora hats, safari style hats and even promotes some caps in their patented LiteFelt material.

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