Levine Hat Company was established by Benjamin Levine, who before opening up, operated a cleaner in Kansas City. After damaging a man's expensive suit, he had to sell his store to replace it. Benjamin Levine had been cleaning hats at his cleaner, so he moved to Saint Louis and opened a hat store in 1903—known as Levine Hat Company.

Our store today is now ran by third generation Levine's, Edward and Carole. Their son, Lance, has since joined the business and will continue on the tradition for years to come.

Levine Hat Company is the largest retail hat store in the world in terms of floor space and hats displayed. Thousands of hats are stocked in our three story building, including top brands such as Stetson, Dobbs, Bailey, Henschel, Knox, Kangol, Selentino, Stefeno, and many more.

Through the years, we have sold over a million hats! With that, we've built a reputation for attracting celebrities from all over the world! Recent customers include: The Rolling Stones, Billy Rae Cyrus, Shaquille O'Neal, Gretchen Wilson, Ozzie Smith, Sinbad, Robert Townsend, Colonel Sanders, Cedric the Entertainer, members of Fleetwood Mac and dozens of other high profile hat wearers!

Come see what the hype is about and drop in our Saint Louis store, or check out our selection online!

...And don't forget to "Be Somebody, Wear a Hat!"

1416 Washington Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63103
Hours: 10AM-5:30PM (CST) Monday-Saturday
(314) 231-3359