The Finest Selentino Hats at Levine Hat Company

We carry several Selentino Hat styles, in 100% genuine fur felt. The European quality felt and finishing makes these Selentino Hats second to none.

Special finishes in Selentino Hats

Among its many specialties, the Selentino Hat Company creates a selection of fine quality long nap and special finishes for Levine Hat Co. Full, long pile beaver fur hats are some of the warmest and most luxurious and stylish hats anywhere in the world. Long hair Rabbit velour hats are among the styles we carry by Selentino Hat Company as well.

Selentino Hats Color Selection

One other important factor that the Selentino company prides itself on: a variety of color choices in many of the fur felt hat styles that are available. Some of our best selling Selentinos come in up to 14 different colors! No other company in the fur felt hat business offers as much selection in colors as Selentino Hats does!

Selentino Special Order Process

Most of the Selentino brand hats that you see on our website are in-stock and ready to ship. Other hats will have a delivery estimate due to their needing to be specially made. Please be aware these "place order" hats cannot be expedited and must use regular shipping.

All Selentino Hats are made with care in the Czech Republic.