Barbisio Hats at Levine Hats

Barbisio has a long history as one of Italy's finest hatmakers. Since 1892, Barbisio has come up with thousands of different hats and Levine's has sold many of those in our St Louis store, where customers demand high quality and even higher style.

Barbisio: a NEW Italian Tradition

In recent years, while maintaining their grasp of old school quality materials and finishes, Barbisio Hats have stepped up and created some modern, high fashion styles in addition to their traditional classics. You can find a selection of these custom made, cut and sewn by hand new classics here at Levine's.

Barbisio: Fall and Spring Choices

In the Fall and Winter, Barbisio Hats are made of felt, including beaver fur and rabbit fur varieities. Standard winter colors and weights are available, with occasional special finishes, including velour hats and beaver hats. In the summer, Barbisio hats mainly are found in varieties of natural straw, including fine panama hats, parasisal straw hats and other similar natural straw hat materials. You're always sure to find great Barbisio felt hats in winter and Barbisio straw hats in summer at Levine's!