This collection of Dobbs straw hats for spring and summer features our highest quality head wear for fun in the sun. The straw and vented materials allow for maximum breathe-ability, while the variety of colors and sizes provide a wide array of choices so that you're sure to find the ideal hat for keeping your head out of the heat.

Dobbs Hats at Levine Hat Company

Since 1908, Dobbs Hats and Dobbs Fifth Avenue hats have held a unique brand of distinction within the hat industry.  Over 100 years later, Dobbs Hat styles have changed, but Dobbs Hats enthusiasts know their attention to detail remains consistent, making Dobbs one of the strongest brands in the hat industry. We have carried Dobbs Hats in our St Louis store for over 50 years, and online at since the very beginning of the site. If you're in the market for a Dobbs Hat or a Dobbs cap, you're certain to find it at Levine's at the best price! A Dobbs Fifth Avenue hat is a must-add to any hat wearers collection. 

Seasons and Selection in Dobbs Hats

During the winter months, we have a selection of Dobbs Fedora Hats in wool and fur felt, as well as other materials and styles as they are available during the winter hat season. In the summer, Dobbs straw hats are fashioned of milan and panama straw. Dobbs straw hats are high quality, italian and ecuadorian weaves but are blocked in the USA. We feature some Dobbs caps as well, usually in ivy, pub cap and newsboy styles.

Dobbs Hats History

Dobbs hats started in 1908, has been a world leader in dress hats for over a century. Started by the mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut and hatter John Cavanagh, Dobbs has been a leading hat maker and innovator for a long time. Mr. Cavanagh was awarded a Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for his work in the hat industry. Later merging his brand with Knox of New York and Stetson. Dobbs has been worn by the likes of many famous people throughout history including Martin Luther King Jr., Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. Dobbs hats vintage appeal has been maintained throughout the companies history.

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