Ivy & Newsboy Caps at Levine Hat Company

Levine's features a large variety of Ivy and Newsboy caps for your cap wearing pleasure. Whichever style, color and size you desire, we have more ivy caps and more newsboy caps than anybody!

Ivy Caps

In this category: Ivy Caps, Driving Caps, Ivy League Caps, Flat Caps, 504 Caps, 507 Caps, Duckbill Caps, Pub Caps, Longshoreman Caps, 5-point caps. Many different shapes, but all variations of the basic "ivy" or "driving" cap, these caps are notable in that they do not have any panels on top. They are "flat" and a much narrower shape. Ivy/Driving Caps in this category are available in many different materials, including leather ivy caps, linen driving caps, wool ivy caps, Kangol 504 caps and more!

Newsboy Caps

In this category: Newsboy Caps, 8-panel caps, Kroger caps, 6-Panel Caps, 8/4 Caps, Eight-Quarter Caps, Big Apples, Apple Jack Caps, Gatsby Caps. Many of these names refer to the same basic shape, with eight panels and a button on top. It is a timeless and classic shape, and we carry many different materials and colors depending upon the season and availability. Common eight-panel newsboy cap shapes are salt and pepper kroger caps, melton wool gatsby caps, cashmere blend newsboy caps and more!