Mayser Hats now available at Levine Hats!

Mayser Hats originate in Germany, where their long history of Superior Engineering brings them a technical advantage in their hatmaking.  Mayser Hats brings unique styles each season, so if you see one you like, don't wait till next year.  By then, Mayser Hats will have moved onto a new line.

European Hats and the Global Economy

European Hats such as those from Mayser and Barbisio have always been luxury hats and until recently required a luxury price tag as well. Our focus is on finding quality and value in men's dress hats for our customers, no matter from USA, Italy, South America or Europe. Mayser is not a new company, in fact they have been around as long as we have, but it is only very recently that we have developed a partnership to carry their hats in our store and on

Mayser Hats Seasonal Offerings

During the Fall and Winter, we carry a Mayser Fur Felt Hats and some 100% wool caps in ivy and newsboy shapes. The Mayser summer hats line consists of mostly panama straw hats, with some other exotic straw materials as well. Mayser does an excellent job with their hat dyes, summer and winter, and has the purest and truest colors of any hat brand we have ever seen!