Men's Summer Caps - Levine Hat Co.

During the hottest months of summer, Levine's carries the summer cap styles that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Summer Caps for Men: Materials

There are all kinds of summer caps for men, including materials ranging from cotton to linen to synthetics materials.

Men's Summer Cap Style Choices

Whether you need a summer ivy cap or a summer newsboy cap style, we have you covered.  Ivy caps or driving cap shapes are narrower with more elongated bills and flatter sections on the top of the cap.  Newsboy cap styles have panels on top, have a more rounded shape and often will have a button.  Each summer season, we will carry several dozen different styles and colors in both summer newsboy caps and summer ivy cap shapes.

Making your final decision

Just keep in mind that not all men's cap styles are totally suitable for use as hot weather caps. The fashion styles of the spring are often made of heavier fashion materials, for that fashionable "spring cap look." In the summer, many men prefer summer linen caps or thin cotton caps which are slighly more breathable and don't run the risk of letting you get too hot. Whatever you do, please have something on your head to keep cool; the shade of a men's summer cap will keep your head protected from the sun and helps prevent skin cancer as well.