Tilley Hats at Levine Hat Company

For over 10 years, Levine's has carried a great selection of the popular Tilley Hats brand. We carry all the popular summer and winter styles in Tilley Hats, including bestselling summer hats such as the LTM5 and LTM6 Airflow styles, as well as the Winter TW2 and other Tilley winter hats in wool and wool blends.

Get Some Tech on Your Head!

Tilley Hats' high quality organic and synthetic materials never break down and keep your head temperature controlled, whether it's hot or cold.  Tilley Hats are light as a feather, buoyant and virtually indestructible.  They work hard developing and patenting materials which are ideal for the adventurer, and sailor Alex Tilley (the company's founder) frequently tests new Tilley Hats Styles on his schooner.

Lifetime Guaranteed

A unique guarantee for the hat industry, you get Tilley Hats' lifetime guarantee with every Tilley hat you purchase! If you wear out your Tilley Hat, you can get it replaced (but really, we've never seen this happen, even once!). Since Tilley hats float, tie-on, refuse to rip or wrinkle, and are washable and packable, there's scarcely anything you could try to hurt your Tilley Hat. That's why Tilley can offer this special "hat insurance."