Top Hats at Levine Hat Company

For your most elegant occasions, and when you simply must dress to the nines only a proper top hat will do.  Levine Hats stocks a variety of Top Hat choices so that you'll be ready to dress and impress, whether it be at the theater, opera or fancy party.

The most elegant choice - The Deep Curled Brim

A distinctive feature of a proper top hat is the deep-curled and formed brim that stays staunchly in place while you wear the hat.  This curled brim, which is also found on derby hats and homburg hats, indicates that this hat is a dressier and more elegant choice.

Top Hats - Available in different colors and materials

Top Hats are a bit like Henry Ford's original Model T.  "You can have any color you like as long as it's black."  While there is no denying that a black fur felt top hat or black satin topper is the classic orientation, we also offer a variety of different colors to match your different outfits, and there are even straw top hats as well.  As with any specialty item, if you do not see your exact specification, please call and ask about ordering a top hat to suit your needs.