Wide brim hats at Levine Hat Co.

Sometimes you need a big brim. Whether it's protection from the sun and the elements, or a stylistic decision and adherence to your personal style, Levine Hats can provide that special fit you need.

Traditionally, a wide brim hat might be considered a hat with a 2 5/8" or greater brim. Many of our hats in this collection feature brims over 3". Most cowboy hats will sport brims of 3 inches or larger, but only a few select men's dress hats are equipped with that larger brim.

Top Brands in Wide Brimmed Hats

Some top brands for wide-brimmed hats are StetsonBailey, Levine, and Bruno Capelo. These brands will have you covered whether you are looking for an open crown, flat top, or fedora wide brim hat. 

Wide brims - Shop for Top Quality in Wide Brim Hats

In general, men's wide brim hats come in semi-firm or firm blocks, so the brim can stay taut over time. Some wool felts are of lesser quality and may result in a brim that does not stay straight over the long haul. For this reason, we recommend you choose your wide brim hats very wisely and be sure to choose a material that will stand the test of time. In addition, you should consider purchasing a hat box for your big brim hats as well. Levine's will always choose a correctly sized hat box for your wide brim hats.

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