Men's Wool Felt Hats at Levine Hat Company

Whatever color, size or brand in wool felt hats you desire, you're sure to find it at Levine Hat Company.  Men's dress hats are our specialty, and packable wool hats that are inexpensive, durable and fashionable are easy to find in our store.

Top Brands in Men's Wool Hats

There are several top brands that product men's wool felt hats.  Dobbs Hats, Levine Hat Company, 9th Street Hats, Stetson Wool Felt Hats and others are all available at Levine Hat Company.

Wool Felt Material - Benefits as a material for Men's Hats

Felted wool is durable and flexible, and tends to be slightly softer than fur felt depending upon how it is blocked and what stiffening agents are used.  Softer wool hats may be more crushable or packable, and thus may be preferred by some gentlemen for travel since they will pop back into shape even after a short suitcase ride.  Another benefit is the cost.  Wool felt hats are generally much less expensive than their fur felt counterparts.