How do I avoid "hat hair?" - Joseph, Omaha NE

Great question, Joseph!  Don't let your hair control you or your fashion choices.  Hats have too many benefits (good looks, protection from sun and rain, body temperature control) to avoid just to keep your hair fresh. Here's a quick list of tips (you can apply one or all of these and your hair will look great after you remove your hat or cap!)

  1. Keep a short cut -- Buzzed or shorn haircuts are no match for any kind of hat.  No other tips needed.
  2. Carry a comb --  A small, pocket comb might even fit inside your hat's internal sweat band.  I carry a flexible, 99c pocket comb and give my hair a quick comb whenever I remove my hat.
  3. Put your hat on the "right" way -- When you put your hat on, pay close attention to your hair.  For example, if you gel and slick your hair back every morning, try putting your hat on from front to back to avoid fussing your hair more than necessary. If you normally comb your hair forward, you might consider a more back-to-front motion when putting on your hat.
  4. Try not to worry so much -- Within 5 or 10 minutes of removing your hat, your hair is going to relax and find itself looking like it looked before you put your hat on.  This has a lot to do with moisture in the air and the temperature of your surroundings. Good or Bad Hair Days have little to do with "hat hair" and a whole lot more to do with your barber and your daily styling routines.
  5. Get a hat that fits! -- Having a hat that's too small will crunch your head, and there are comfort issues as well.  If your hat is too tight, we sell hat stretchers.  Hat too loose?  Try some of our foam resizing tape or even folded up paper towels can help in a pinch.

Any more hat questions like these?  Just shoot a message to fhq<at>

Until then, keep a hat on!
-Lance Levine