Did you guys invent hat sizes? Why are they so hard to remember?
-Tristan, Van Nuys CA


No, we didn't invent modern US Hat Sizing.  If you figure out who did, let us know and we'll update this article to give proper credit.  You may say we reinvented online hat sizing with our special TrueSizing system, but even that is a stretch.  See what I did, there?  It's a "hat stretch."

Anyway, for those of us in the hat business, hat sizing is second nature.  We sell thousands of hats every month, and some of us can tell your hat size just by looking at you.

New hat wearers and those arithmophobes (people scared of math) may need a foolproof method to determine their hat size.  Just follow the instructions on the hat sizing page.

For those willing to delve a little deeper, here is the math behind hat sizing.  Use the following equation to determine your US Hat Size:

circumference of your head in inches / π

Test it out on a calculator!  If you wear a 7 1/4, take 7.25 * 3.14 and see if it matches the inches measurement on our hat sizing chart.  Go ahead, a little algebra never hurt anyone!

And there you have it.  Thanks a lot for asking, Tristan!