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Wrestler The Undertaker in iconic open crown hat and leather duster

The most notable feature of the iconic Undertaker's hat is it's open crown. An open crown, sometimes called rounded crown, is the way hats are shaped when they have not been specially blocked yet.

You may have seen hatmaking videos on youtube the first step in making a wool or fur felt hat is to stretch the hat body over a rounded block using steam and heat. For some hats, this open crown will be part of the finished product, but for most hats a final step will be to add some sort of creasing or hat blocking to finish the job.

For some very fine hats made of rabbit fur felt or beaver fur, an open crown is just a temporary shape and the hat wearer can crease the hat as he likes. This will only work with fine quality hats that have a stocky body.

Check out our website for any open crown hats, but we suggest you leave moves like this to the Undertaker and other professionals!

The Undertaker Wrestler performing a chokeslam