Will wearing a hat make me go bald? - Irfan, Emerson WI

Certainly not, Irfan! We often receive calls from customers who mention that they are thinning up top, and this is a common question among hat wearers of all ages!

We did a little research, and there is no evidence that hats and hair loss are in any way related. LiveScience contacted a few doctors and did some research of their own in a 2012 article: Will Wearing Hats Make You Go Bald?

In the article, both doctors explain that it's highly unlikely that hat wearing has any effect on baldness.  One doctor explains that extreme stress on your hair (such as constant pulling or tugging) can lead to friction alopecia, but as long as you are wearing a properly-fitting hat under normal conditions you will be fine.  Another doctor suggested that extreme oxygen and blood loss to the follicles of your hair could also possibly cause damage to lead to hair loss, but again, wearing any of our hats won't cause extreme anything, except maybe extremely fashionable looks.

As a final note, feel confident wearing your hats whether or not they have a satin/silk lining on the inside.  Many customers refuse to wear a hat without a lining as a precaution, and keep in mind we have all the equipment and knowledge to add a lining to any hat you choose.