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The world cried purple tears this past week in response to the passing of a legend. Many will remember Prince for awe-inspiring performances, the Minneapolis sound, and nearly 40 albums created in his lifetime. Here at Levine Hat Company, we will remember this symbol of a man as a trend-setter in the world of head-wear. Join us on a journey to revel in Prince's groundbreaking leaps in fashion - from his inception into the entertainment world, to his departure. 


 Part One - The Fedora


When he wasn't letting his luxurious locks float freely, Prince could arguably be seen most often sporting a fedora. Never the type to dress down, Prince would almost always choose a felt material with a bent brim, which are defining traits among formal hats. While generally absent from almost all of his music videos, Prince can be seen wearing his signature fedora in many live performances. Here he can be seen slaying a solo within a supergroup cover under the awning of a felt fedora.

Part two - The Large Brim


Here's a style that has been on the heads of fashion icons in recent years, and as with so many other trends, this one can be directly attributed to prince. From suggestive bathtub scenes all the way into his final years, Prince coined and carried this fashion statement on his back (or head). 

Part 3 - The Headdress

Breaking the boundaries of gender-specific clothing items was one of Prince's greatest talents. Being a man who sported lace and an array of blouses, it came as no surprise to see Prince's head wrapped in a headscarf normally reserved for women. While it may not be a hat, per se, this accessory could be considered Prince's biggest leap in the realm of headgear. 


While most of the nation lies in wait to hear the details of Prince's death, hat-wearers and musicians alike will be busy paying homage and remembering him for his feats in the music and fashion industries. The world has truly lost an icon, and the most we can do now is pay him the respect he has so righteously earned.



Love you Prince!!!!!

May 31, 2018

Lora-Ellen McKinney:

Do you know who made Prince’s hats? In particular I’m looking for the red fedora that he wore when he played in the red suit – While My Guitar Gently Weeps – at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mar 08, 2017

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