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As the hot breathe of summer billows down our exposed necks, one might find it odd to be on the topic of a cold-weather item. However, with so many items on sale in our Fall & Winter Collection, I find the topic more than appropriate. 

The term "beanie" has been around for quite some time. A beanie is a piece of headgear specifically engineered to cover one's head and ears in the cold months of autumn and winter. However, many members of the younger generation prefer to throw functionality out the window, and precariously balance a beanie on the back of there head while allowing the excess material to drape down towards their back.  


-Reference image 1-

now, while it appears that this young man's ears are covered, a large portion of his noggin is completely exposed to the elements! When it comes to fashion, certain sacrifices must be made. 


To capitalize on this trend, many beanie manufacturers have rose to the occasion in order to provide a garment that will both achieve the desired amount of loose fabric while providing a suitable amount of coverage for the rest of the head.

-Reference image 2-

Notice how this cap provides maximum ear and head coverage while pandering to the need for supplemental fabric in the back. These features allow for a two-pronged advantage in the industry of headwear, as it gives options to both people in need of the slouched-fabric look as well as an alternative to consumers with large craniums.


In conclusion, I find it absolutely fascinating to be working in such a responsive industry. The consumers talk, and the manufacturers listen.

While the cruel memory of winter bites on our heels, let us not forget to be prepared for the next coming of those relentless months. Check out our winter clearance section, be prepared. 



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