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True stories:

1. Paperweight

2. Eye Mask / Sleep Mask

3. Lottery enabler

4. Weapon (may require modification)

5. Book stand

6. Container
The old story goes: One morning when stuck in traffic, a Levine Hat worker simply could not hold it anymore.  With no other options (and apparently no soda bottles) he did the only thing he could, and urinated into his hat.  After arriving at work, he scrubbed it and steamed it back into shape and set it in the back room to dry.  A few hours later what does he see?  Somebody is wearing his hat!  Apparently, another employee had unwittingly sold it.  This was many years ago, but if you think you're the lucky customer, next round's on us!

7. Secret Hiding place
Slip an important business card into your sweat band.  A personal favorite is to keep a comb tucked in this spot to always have one handy.  Underneath the lining can be another excellent hiding spot, but may require re-sewing.

8. Badge
Just slide credentials into the band (at the airport, for example).

9. Gasket cap
Fur felt material found in winter hats is an ideal felt construction for some automotive purposes.  We have a customer who repurposes fur felt hat bodies  as auto parts in the old Ferraris he rebuilds.

10. Catcher's mitt
At the ballgame, when you might not have your glove.

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