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If you want your initials monogrammed in Gold Leaf on the inside of your hat, add it here! It’s a free service.

A couple notes:

This only works on hats with leather sweat bands
Most fur felt and straw hats have a leather sweat band on the inside, but some hats do not (they may have fabric bands).  If you’re not sure whether your hat has a leather sweat band, just ask us.
Only do this if you are certain of your hat size
Once your initials are stamped, in order to return it to stock we would need to replace the leather sweat band on the inside of the hat.
Our monogramming machine supports two or three initials
If you only want two initials, the middle character will just be a diamond. The last character can also be a JR or SR, so check out these examples.


Lance gets L S L
Edward gets E ♦ L (no middle initial)
Pete gets J P SR 

You can come into the store and we’ll stamp your hat, or you can make a request in the comments when you place your order.

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