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We help a lot of young hat wearers and first time buyers in our Saint Louis store, and I do my best to answer a few questions whether or not they ask!  Whether you come to us, or find your hat somewhere else, please be sure to ask a few questions before you're out the door.

  1. What do I need to do to take care of this?  -- It's difficult to give an answer here, because so many hats and caps have such different care requirements.  As a general rule, you should try to store your hats in boxes and keep them away from excessive moisture or high temperatures.  Keeping the dust off using a hat brush is recommended for must fur felt and wool hats as well.  Finally, if you're worried about shrinkage, you can invest in a hat jack as well.  Think of it as a shoe tree for your hats.  The cedar wood helps keep your hat fresh and wards off moths as well.
  2. What happens when it gets dusty?  -- Again, depending on the type of hat you're purchasing, it may be washable, wipeable with a damp cloth, dry cleanable or steam cleanable.  As a general rule, if there's no garment tag with detailed instructions, then you should contact your local hat shop and seek advice from the hat pros.  Here at Levine's, we find that the combination of our industrial steam line with a firm brushing with an old horsehair bristle brush can knock the dust right off and make most felt hats look like new.
  3. What else comes with it?  -- Don't ever forget to leave without your hat box, feathers and hat pins and initials inside your hat.  These are all free services at Levine's when you purchase a quality hat.
  4. Any extras I should consider?  -- As a matter of fact, adding a few accessories to your arsenal keeps your hats looking great and really improves the wear you'll get out of them.  We recommend getting a hat sponge or a horsehair bristle brush for any hats or caps that are made of wool or fur felt.

At Levine's, we're good for 100 questions every time you shop.  And after that, they're just a penny each!

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