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A man's hat collection isn't measured by how many hat boxes he has.  A man's hat collection is measured by how many hat closets he has.
-Lance Levine

As a man with an abundance of hats, I know something about obsession.  Here in the store, it's as if we can never have enough hats, because there are always new styles and new customers with new requests.  In fact, when customers cannot find what they are looking for in the store (rare) then we will often go out and acquire new styles to meet their sometimes exotic requests.

But we sometimes wonder, "for what occasions are these exotic hats being worn?"

A true collector of hats is not unlike other collectors, though, in that it's not always just about wearing what you collect.  I, for one, can go through my two hat closets and hundreds of hat boxes and remember the first (and sometimes ONLY) time I wore each hat.  Nowadays, with instagram, facebook and twitter, I can even make my way down memory lane online and view old pictures of the events and refresh my memory even more.  So, in effect, it's not about the hats or even how many times I wore them; it is often more about the events, places and memories that the hats retrieve.

So keep on collectin' and never fear-- You'll always find a space in your closet and a place in your wardrobe for the hats that you collect.  When we nurture our obsessions, they often pay us back in unexpected ways.

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