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Mayser Hats at Levine Hat Company

This spring season, we introduced a new brand into our spring hat lines.  Mayser Hats have seen tremendous success with their panama hats and parasisals, as we knew they would, because they are truly excellent quality and a very interesting brand.

Here at Levine's, we carry over a dozen summer Mayser styles in panamas, raffias and parasisals, with an additional selection of winter Fur Felts as well.  You can view our selection of Mayser Hats on the Mayser Hats brand page.

The Mayser Brand and History

Be sure to check out the full timeline of Mayser Hats.  For most of you, just skim through the bullets and you'll be a Mayser Hats expert.

  • Mayser Hats originate in Lindenberg, Germany.
  • The Mayser company is highly diversified, and hats are only one of many things they do.
  • Styles are "ready-made" for orders fresh; they do not warehouse hats as a very nimble company.
  • Each Mayser Hat style is available for one season only; they do not keep lines year after year.
  • This is because... Each season, Mayser's metal hat blocks are melted down and reconstituted to create new hat blocks for new Mayser hat styles.  Not only don't they recycle styles, they cannot, because they sacrifice their hat blocks in this way every season.

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