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9 Ways You Know You're a Hat Person

Hats are awesome. We all know that. Some people just like hats, but others love them. We put together a list of ways to know if you're one of those that love hats. You may be a little crazy about them sometimes, but you're in the right place to be...

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Top 10 Villains That Wore Hats

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with villains. Sometimes we secretly root for them to win. Since the beginning, many of them have become known for their hats. While we love their choice to wear hats, we do not condone their behavior!  This week we are giving you the Top Ten...

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Levine's Machines (Real Hatters Who Can Really Sew)

Off the rack is fine and dandy most of the time, but every so often you might need a custom hat for your occasion.  When you need that special color band or binding for your hats, we have the machines to do the job right.  Here's some shots of our specialty...

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