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We here at Levine's saw that GQ magazine named the time-honored bomber jacket the biggest trend of 2016, and helpfully wrote a guide on how to wear them. It's clear they have good cause, as they point out Google searches for "bomber jacket" and related terms rose over 500% last year, clothiers are offering more bombers than ever, and a slew of fashion forward men like Kanye West, Jaden Smith, and David Beckham sport theirs almost daily. Whether you're already wearing one this season or holding off until you have the right outfit for it, we've got a selection of hats that will make you look like a trendsetter.

1. Elevate your outfit with a 9th Street Porkpie

Bombers are great for layering up in style during these chilly winter months. You might be tempted to throw on a simple knit beanie if you're just trying to keep the wind off. Instead try on one of these 9th Street Porkpies made of high quality wool for comfort, durability, and warmth. You'll look equally great on the street, at work, or walking into the club. It comes in three neutral colors (black, charcoal, and brown) so you can match with any outfit.

2. Step up your game with a Levine Leather Baseball Cap

There's no challenging the baseball cap's dominance when it comes to casual headwear. That doesn't mean you have to settle for something drab. When there's no need to be dressy, a leather baseball cap can make that outfit pop while still looking effortless. This option from Levine's is buttery soft and comes in black and brown.

 3. Look great about town in Country Gentleman's Parker Ivy Cap

An ivy cap is the perfect accessory when you want a touch of class without looking too formal. The Parker by Country Gentleman has a soft feel, lightly waxed leather or suede appearance, and no-fuss poly construction. Pair this with your bomber jacket to replace that dusty sports coat for any occasion.

4. Flash some color in Bailey's Goldring Fedora

For more options to dress up your bomber jacket, turn to Bailey's Goldring Fedora. It comes in three great colors easy to fit into your wardrobe, each with a unique striped ribbon featuring an Art Deco inspired embellishment. This hat also sports a snap brim. Wear it up for a laid-back vibe, or down to show some attitude.

5. Echo the bomber jacket's military history with a Greek Fisherman Cap

Call back to the bomber jacket's heyday of the '50s in one of these military-like leather Greek Fisherman caps. A basic combo of a monotone bomber jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans will look sharp paired with one of these. A look Brando made famous, but flattering on everybody. These come in leather, wool, and cotton if you want to wear this look in all seasons.


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