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Everybody wants to show their holiday style during the Mardi Gras festivities and among all the brilliant decorations and costumes it can seem impossible to stand out. Here at Levine's we've picked out five summer hats that will make you look fantastic. These hats look great no matter what, but we've added some special touches to make them stand out whether you're a grand marshal or spectator anywhere from St. Louis to New Orleans.

1. Dobbs Rosebud Milan Straw Fedora

This straw dress fedora comes in a variety of colors, and the lavender suits the Mardi Gras atmosphere perfectly! You can add some feathers for the holiday, but the Rosebud will keep you in high style during any warm weather.

2. Bailey Mannesroe Braid Straw Fedora

This stylish trilby fedora has a sleek look. It comes with a self-band, but we've styled it with a polka dot ribbon for an added festive touch. After the party is over you can wear the Mannesroe around town, or to get drinks on your favorite patio.

3. Mayser Ciotat Parasisal Fedora

We've decorated this fine straw fedora with yellow and purple ribbons for the Mardi Gras season. This layered ribbon look will really make your hat stand out. The Parasisal is crafted from Sisal-Agave fibers woven into a herringbone pattern. The quality of the material and handiwork make this hat lightweight and extremely comfortable. Wear this to keep the sun off your shoulders in a suit or at the resort.

4. Levine Centurion Panama Fedora

You can't ever go wrong with a classic Panama. This luxury shantung straw Panama hat looks great with a silk ribbon, pictured here in green. The Centurion will keep the sun and rain off and always look great. The straw is Teflon coated to repel water, oil, and stains making it extra durable.

5. Scala Straw Boater

A classic American hat, the boater looks great at any parade. The boater has proved it's status as an elegant outdoor essential through a century of history and style. The Scala straw boater features a traditional Navy and Red stripe ribbon. 

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