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Hats are awesome. We all know that. Some people just like hats, but others love them. We put together a list of ways to know if you're one of those that love hats. You may be a little crazy about them sometimes, but you're in the right place to be crazy about hats here at Levine. 

Nine Ways to Know You're a Hat Person....

9. When in a new city, you must look up if they have a hat shop. 

8. Your significant other hates hat shopping with you as much as you hate shopping for clothes/purses with them.

7. You have more hat bands than you do ties. You just have to match your band with your outfit!

6. Your hat is the most expensive item you normally wear.

5. You have a different hat for each day of the week. 

4. You have every style of hat. Fedora, derby, homburg, western, caps... name it, you've got it. 

3. You have a budget set aside for your hat purchases. With every paycheck, you stash some away for your monthly hat purchases.

2. You have a separate closet just for your hats. You might not wear them all, but there's surely a story behind every one of them.

1. You've been to Levine Hat Company. Come on, if you want to call yourself a hat person, you better have been here or have plans to!

Share this with your fellow hat people and let us know what else makes you a hat person. 


Ronald Mcintyre:

Just brought a Bailey was very pleased do you carry a Bailey in ice color same brim size.

Sep 12, 2015

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