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We’re excited to announce that for the first time ever Levine Hat Co. is stocking Panizza (PAN-eetza) hats! Panizza has been known worldwide for quality and style since its founding in 1879, by Giovanni Panizza and his friend and business partner Natale Gamba. Panizza retired and passed the company on to Gamba, whose descendants continued the tradition of craftsmanship. Levine Hat Co. has chosen to offer Panizza to our customers because of the brand’s legacy and commitment to craftsmanship and top quality materials.

Panizza stood out for its mastery of making felt, the main material for cold weather hats. The company continues making their felt out of high quality wool or fur at their factory. The original factory, located in the town of Ghiffa on Lake Maggiore near the Swiss border, has since been converted into a hat museum. Production continues today at a facility in Tuscany.

Panizza adopted the Jack Russell Terrier into its logo to represent a faithful companion. Everywhere you go your hat is there with you.

View the Panizza collection here.

Panizza Italian Hats 1879 Jack Russell Logo

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