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Let's Kill the Fedora Meme!

(image from http://knowyourmeme.com/)

Now, I'm not throwing shade at this guy (love the fact he is donning a hat)! BUT, this picture is commonly associated with fedoras in general. There's so much more variety!

While fedoras have never gone out of style, they have certainly had their ups and downs throughout history. What other fashion accessory can you say has truly always been relevant? Not too many. Fedoras at their peak were worn by nearly everyone and had an aura of class and style about them. You were not dressed without a hat on. While fedoras are making their comeback, they are not always worn for the same reasons they once were. 

It seems in some circles, the picture above is exactly what they think of when they think fedora. It's a stereotype that is fun to joke around about, but absolutely not true at all! Working in a hat store, I know that hats bring in the most diversity of people than just about any other fashion piece one can think of. From pimps to pastors, the very young to the very old, the bald headed to men of luscious locks! Hats do not discriminate! 

So why do so many associate the fedora with this image? In the age of the meme, it's easy to associate images you see online to certain terms. When one sees a fedora and doesn't really know anyone that actually wears one, they are bound to associate a fedora with what they do know- possibly the image above.

It's my job to spread the word! That the fedora is more than this! Not only are there so many different styles within the category, there are so many different ways to wear one. 

Next time you are thinking you want a fedora, go for it! The key to wearing one is confidence. If you don't think you look good in it, how do you expect others to?

(image from http://www.fashionlobster.com/)

"Be somebody. Wear a Hat!"

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