Fall and Winter Homburg Hats and Godfather Hats

The homburg, sometimes called Hamburg hat, is an elegant shape with a deep curled brim and center crease. It's been a popular choice for fancy occasions and one of the dressiest of dress hats for hundreds of years, but recently has also been called a Godfather Hat due to popularity of the movie, The Godfather.

Wool Felt and Fur Felt Godfather Hats

During the winter months, traditional dress Godfather hats are fashioned of wool felt or rabbit felt or beaver felt. These materials form a shape which is suitable for warmth, will hold its shape due to the interlocking fibers, and create an elegant dress hat appearance which matches well with a suit or tuxedo.

Color choices in homburg hats

Make no mistake, you'll want a homburg hat to match each one of your suits, ties or shoes depending upon how you match it when you dress to impress. Black homburgs are the traditional choice, but you will also find grey, navy, brown and some other color choices in fine homburg and godfather hats. Whatever color and material you choose, be sure to shop at Levine Hats where we specialize in fine quality homburg and godfather hats!

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