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The Ligne, or French Ligne, is a unit of measurement you’ll sometimes overhear in the hat business when referring to hat bands. Since hat band widths is the only place I’ve ever heard it used, and I was surprised to find so little online about it, I made a small chart for converting between lignes and inches.

Next time you’re browsing through a hat catalog and see a 12 ligne hat band, you can use the converter to figure out that's about a 1" wide hat ribbon.

Here is the chart:

 4 lignes

3/8 in.

6 lignes 1/2 in.
8 lignes 5/8 in.
9 lignes 3/4 in.
12 lignes

1 in.

16 lignes 1 1/2 in.
19 lignes 1 3/4 in.
22 lignes 2 in.
25 lignes 2 1/4 in.


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