Open Crown Hats

An open crown is a rounded, unfinished hat crown with no hat block. Many open crown hats are designed to be worn as such with no block or crease, but some high quality men's hats can be creased or blocked by hand by the wearer so that he may choose his desired look.

Open crown hat styles: Open Crown Fedoras, Derby Hats and more

Derby hats are traditionally finished with an open crown. This dressy style benefits from the rounded crown creating a bulbous look. Some men's fedora hats are shipped with an open crown as well. For these open crown fedoras, the wearer may design his own block or in many cases, such as semi-firm hats like The Undertaker Hat, they will be worn with an open crown as the finished look.

Color and size choices in open crowns at Levine Hat Company

Levine's specializes in men's dress hats of all kinds. Open crown hats tend to be a specialty item, but we will try to feature some choices during the winter months and occasionally will have open crown panama hats or straws during the spring and summer.